What ıs LocalGreens?

LocalGreens is an indoor farming startup, growing local, fresh & healthy vegetables in local farms in metropolitan cities with a focus on sustainability.

What ıs Hydroponıc Growıng?

Hydroponic is the method to grow plants in water without the use of soil. Plants are fed by nutrient solutions with water in this method.

When dıd LocalGreens Found?

LocalGreens is founded in 2020.

Where ıs LocalGreens Farm?

Our production centre is located in İstanbul, Beykoz, Cumhuriyetköy.

Where can I buy LocalGreens products?

At the moment, we are growing only for restaurants and executive chefs with pre-order. You will be able to buy our products from the biggest supermarkets right after our new greenhouse starts production later in 2021. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news in your inbox.

I am a restaurant manager, How can I contact?

You can email us at  partnership@localgreens.co 

How can I contact you?

We care about your opinions and feedbacks. You can always contact us through the form on our website and through  contact@localgreens.co  email address.