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Meet Localgreens!

LocalGreens is an indoor farming startup, growing local, fresh & healthy vegetables in local farms in metropolitan cities with a focus on sustainability.


By using hydroponic growing method, we ensure our plants are always happy and at optimal growing conditions. Our controlled growing environment protects our greens from harmful pests and illnesses that naturally comes from soil, without using any pesticides. This allows us to grow the purest and healthiest vegetables.


Our farms located in metropolitan cities help us deliver our tasty greens without the need for big logistic networks and without logistic wastes.

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We Care About the Water
While our controlled growing environment and hydroponic growing method allows us to grow healthy greens 365 days a year, we use 90% less water to grow 10x more crops in the same space compared to traditional agriculture.


Sun is Our Best Friend
Our greenhouse is built to use sunlight as effectively as possible. While our greens are enjoying natural sunlight, we enjoy the energy efficiency and keep working on ways to increase our sustainability.


We Don’t Let Rainwater Go Waste
We don’t let rainwater above our greenhouse go to waste and collect it to feed our greens. We are able to provide 30% of our water usage this way so far.



Non-GMO, Certified Seeds
We care about your health and what you eat. That’s why we use only certified and non-GMO seeds.


No Place for Harmful Chemicals
Our controlled growing environment protects our greens from harmful pests and illnesses that naturally comes from soil. This allows us to grow the healthiest vegetables without using pesticides and fungicides.


High Nutritional Value
Our pesticide-free and healthy vegetables are ready to take their place in your plate with high nutritional value.



Less Food-Miles, Less Carbon Footprint
Did you know that the average distance a lettuce travels before taking its place in your table is 3000+ km? We don’t like long distance travels! Our indoor farms are located in metropolitan cities and our product is sold only locally. This is why the average distance our greens travel is 20x less than traditional agriculture. 

Always Fresh
As we are located very close to city centers, our greens are harvested in the morning and delivered to their final destination a few hours later by our inhouse delivery team. This is why LocalGreens products are always the freshest.



Smart Sensors and Cloud Based Communication
Smart sensors are watching over our greens to make sure optimum growing conditions are present at all times. 


Fed with Data
We observe our crops very closely from their seed to harvest day to learn what makes them happy or unhappy and use this information to grow more flavorful greens each time. So as we grow our greens, they keep growing us.


Our Team

Samet Köse
Co-founder & CEO
Mehmet Emekli
Co-founder & CPO
Mehmet Hatayoğlu

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